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        We are the full-service florist in the downtown of Maple Ridge. We do wedding, events, everyday flowers, funerals. 

        Our favorite floral style is English Garden style. What is it you may ask?

        This style encompasses the very essence of nature, nostalgic scents, and a rich assortment of flowers and greenery that move you to the very core with their simplicity and informality. Our compositions consist of joy and humanity; they gift the feeling of peaceful rural atmosphere and bring us back to our childhood. In each piece, we aim to represent tradition, faith and persistent link to our ancestry.

        Our flowers take on soft, light, and round shapes that look whole. In our work, we use old traditional garden flowers and local wild greenery. Some of our favorites are larkspur, delphinium, foxglove, cosmos, anemone, tulips, snowballs, marigolds, sweet peas, geraniums, stock, aster, daisies, poppies, cornflowers, a variety of roses and carnations, lavender, dahlias, ranunculus, and agapanthus.

        We adapt our styles to yearly seasons and purchase flowers only from local growers. Many of our flowers come from our garden.

        We are the small family company, with a warm atmosphere and friendly smiles.