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        We provide only the best quality for our customers. Most of the flowers come from our garden and local growers. Usually, our flowers are very long lasting if appropriate care is given:

        • avoid hot locations (such as direct sunlight, or proximity to stoves or fireplaces)
        • clean the vase each second day
        • fill the vessel with fresh water at room temperature
        • cut the ends
        • follow instruction when you use flower food

          If you follow all these steps and still your flowers do not look fresh, and end up wielding very fast, please, do not be frustrated. Call us as soon as possible, and we will be happy to arrange you with a replacement (we accept complains during 72 hours).

          Like us, growers are heavily dependent on weather conditions. Depending on the season the flowers may have gotten excessive water treatment from rain or very little of it. The amount of sunlight the flowers get also affects their quality a lot, as such in hot weather the buds can fall apart and in rainy cold weather, the flower itself can rot.

          Because flowers are alive, they can wield if they are not cut at the right time. Sometimes growers over keep the flowers in their beds before selling. We have no control over the whole growing process, except for the flowers that come from our garden.

          We do our best to ensure that the quality of the flowers we buy is up to our high standards, but sometimes odd quality flowers do slip in.

          Also, all flowers have they own stage of life. Some of them are very long lasting, another no. For example, gorgeous peonies or dahlias can't stay in a vase for a long time. The flowers as carnations, chrysanthemums or gerberas have much longer life in a vessel. We always put mix flowers with a different stage of life to extend your enjoyment. 

          In cases where the client is not happy with the quality of the flowers, we will be glad to accommodate. 


          We do delivery from 10:30 - 5 pm. daily. If you have a specific time for delivery in mind and you are sure that somebody will be on site, please, mention that in a note for us during checkout. We will do our best to deliver on time you requested. 

          We do not guarantee exact delivery time during busy days and associated weeks such as Mother's Day, Christmas time, Valentine's Day.

          Please, make sure that you provide us the correct recipient's address and telephone number. If you make a mistake call us as soon as possible to provide us with accurate information. We are a very responsible family business, and if you make a mistake, we usually redo the order and attempt a second delivery on the next day. If you make a mistake twice, we have to charge you twice for the delivery.


          Would you like to get beautiful flowers for your event? It's easy to do.
          1. Please call us at 6043804242 to book an appointment to discuss your floral needs. It's better to be ready and bring an inspiration board and your preferred color pallet. If you do not have them, bring your wish list. We will go through this list together and help you to decide.
          2. If you are happy with our ideas, prices and ready to place your order, we request a non-refundable deposit in order to book a specific date. The deposit constitutes 30% of the final amount of your order. When such a booking occurs, we place your order above everything else happening during that day and close this day for other inquiries. We do not accept more than one event a day. 
          3. As a final step, we will sign a standard contract to avoid any misunderstanding and mistakes.
          4. Close to your event (6-8 weeks before), we will go through your floral list again and make all required corrections. At that stage, we expect that our clients pay the rest of 70% of the price on the order and we begin our work.
          5. If something happens close to your wedding /event day (a week before) and you do not need florals anymore, you will get your money back except the non-refundable deposit and expenses. If you decide to cancel your order less than one week before an event, unfortunately, we cannot return your money because by that time a lot of work is already done, and the process is in its final stages.  


          • We love the idea to provide fresh flowers for a better price for people who love them.  Also, it's a good deal for businesses which takes care of their employees and like to make them happy on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.

          • You have options to choose for how long and how many times you would like to receive flowers as well as the type of shipment (delivery or pick up from the studio).

          • If you an exact time and day for delivery in mind, please, put a note during checkout. You can cancel a subscription after second delivery. 

          Any questions? Call us at 604-380-4242 or email us at info@floretta.ca