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        When will my order be delivered?

        We perform deliveries 10:30 am -  5:00 pm daily. If you prefer exact delivery time, please leave a note in the section “Special instructions" during checkout.

        If I place my order for today's delivery when will it be delivered?

        We aim to finish all deliveries by 5:00 pm, during busy days final deliveries may be done before 6:00 pm, during holidays we extend delivery time to 7 pm.

        Why I chose one picture of the product, but during checkout I see a different one?

        All photos on the website serve as examples of our work. We cannot guarantee an exact copy of what you see in the photos as the specific flower composition highly depends on the type of flowers we have available at hand. We refresh our stock two or three times a week, as such there is a lot of variability in the type of flowers in the final composition. The flower stock also highly depends on the month of the year, since many type of flowers are only available during specific seasons. If you have a request to include specific flowers or colors please add a note in the section “Special instruction”. We will do our best.

        What is a “Bright & Cheery” option?

        It means that we will use bright, bold and vibrant color palette for your order: red, orange, yellow, hot pink, purple and etc.

        What is a “Pastel” option?

        It means that we will use soft and pale color palette for your order: white, pink, delicate shades of yellow, purple, apricot, burgundy, mauve, coffee and etc..

        Do you grow flowers?

        Yes, we do. We grow different varieties of flowers such as dahlias, roses, campanula, sunflowers, straw flowers, bell of Ireland, larkspur, sweet pea, veronica, hydrangea, lilies and others.

        Is this store a part of Teleflora or FTD systems?

        No. We are a local family business and all our products are our own creations.

        Do you do weddings?

        Yes we do. We have online products for weddings. Also you may call 604-380-4242 to set up an appointment to discuss your floral needs.

        Do you do funerals?

        Yes we do. We have online products or you may call 604-380-4242 to set up an appointment to discuss the specifics.

        Are your flowers fresh?

        Yes. We have a fresh arrival two to three times a week from local growers, and daily arrival from our own garden during growing season.

        If I have issues with the quality of the product what should I do?

        First of all, please, don’t be frustrated. We are a very responsible business and our goal is to make our customers happy with our service and products. We will discuss and find the best solution for you. Also we kindly ask to provide your order number, a brief description of the issue, and photo of the flowers. We debrief with our design team on a daily basis and will make sure we share this feedback to keep our quality consistently high.

        We will always work with you to determine the best way to make this right! Sometimes, this will mean re-creating the product with provided feedback. We will seek your approval on the solution before sending a new arrangement your way. We're here to help! Just call us at 604-380-4242.

        What should I know before I place my order?

        Caring for flowers to prolong their lifetime and freshness after delivery is responsibility of the consumer. Follow these tips to keep the bouquet as fresh as possible

        • unwrap them carefully by removing the jute to release the flowers
        • cut the ends of the stem and place them in a vase with large opening
        • the vase itself has to be clean and full of fresh water
        • flowers need to be trimmed each second day and be in a cool place away from air conditioning systems, direct sunlight, woodstoves, or fireplaces
        • adding flower food is optional, we ourselves do not use it

        If you have a flower box add water to the arrangement daily and keep it in a cool place.

        Too many instructions? We always add a note for how to take care about flowers with every order.

        How do you perform deliveries?

        We do deliveries direct to the door. We prefer to give flowers in person to make sure that the recipient gets them in a good condition. If nobody is at home we may leave the flowers outside close to the entrance door if the area is secure from bad weather conditions (except during cold or hot weather) and notify the recipient by call. When the delivery is complete you receive a notification by email that you provided during checkout.

        What should I know before I provide shipping information?

        If recipient lives in an apartment it’s a very important to provide full information! We need to know the apartment number, recipient’s telephone number, and buzzer number to the entrance door. Also it is a very important to provide your telephone number to contact you in case we have questions. This is needed because many buildings are locked from the outside and we require your assistance to be able to deliver flowers to your door.

        When you placed an order you will immediately get a notification with all the details by email. Please check it carefully. If you find mistakes or incorrect information please contact us ASAP via call or text +1 604-380-4242 or by email info@floretta.ca.

        Can I cancel my order?

        If your order has already been processed and passed for shipment it cannot be canceled as it is already in transit. If your order hasn't been fulfilled by our team, you have two options to cancel. You may call to the store with a cancelation request 604-380-4242 or send a request with your order information (a message that you got on your email after placing an order) to info@floretta.ca

        What areas do you deliver to?

        We do deliveries to Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Mission, Fort Langley, Langley, Surrey. All these areas have different delivery rates.

        Can I customize my bouquet or arrangement?

        The short answer is yes. You may request to avoid fragrant flowers due allergy or personal preferences and request to not include specific flowers. Also you may ask to add specific color or variety, if we have these flowers in stock we will accommodate the request. During busy holiday days such as Mother’s Day, Valentines Day or Christmas time we do not accept custom arrangements requests.

        The delivery date that I want is unavailable. Why?

        It could be only three reasons. We have a family vacation, we are fully booked or all flowers are sold out.

        Can I place an order for Saturday or Sunday delivery?

        Yes. We do deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 am. - 5:00 pm.

        Are flowers safe for my pets?

        First and foremost, we are not veterinarians. If you have specific questions about your animal and what they can and cannot eat we always, always recommend talking with your veterinarian. That said, we also know that pets should eat diets particular to their breed, and there is no breed of domesticated dog, cat or other common household animal that should eat flowers. Even flowers deemed as "nontoxic" should not be considered edible

        Can you tell me what flowers you'll be using before I place my order?

        We get a new batch of fresh flowers twice or thrice a week - it is hard in advance the exact varieties we will be using. Typically we always have the following popular flowers in stock

        • roses
        • gerberas
        • hydrangea
        • snap dragon
        • lilies
        • stock
        • lisianthus

        Where I can find my receipt?

        Need a receipt? Not a problem! If you placed your order by phone please send a request to info@floretta.ca with the following information: the delivery date, recipient name, product type, price paid, your name, and a telephone number. We will send your receipt within a business day.

        If you placed your order online, you should get a receipt automatically. Please check your spam folder. If you have problem with that, do not worry. Please send us a request to info@floretta.ca with the following information: the order number, your name and a telephone number. We will send your receipt within a business day.

        How will I know when the order has been delivered?

        You will get a confirmation by email that you provided within a check out. The delivery time is from 10:30am - 5:00 pm except for special time requests.

        Can I provide a specific delivery instruction?

        Yes. Place your instruction in the box “special instruction” during checkout.

        How do I select a delivery window?

        You may specify a delivery window within two hours. For example, from 10am - 12pm, or from 3pm - 5 pm. We don’t accept delivery window requests during busy holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas holidays or Valentine’s Day.

        What if the recipient is not at home?

        We send all of our orders with signature-release. This means that delivery driver should leave the package in the safest spot they can at the address. If the driver deems it unsafe to leave the flowers outside we may delay delivery until the following day.

        My order has to be a surprise delivery

        Once the delivery is complete, you will receive a delivery confirmation email from us which you can use to nudge your recipient to check for a surprise.

        Warning! We don’t accept surprise deliveries to apartments. The recipient should get flowers in person. In this case please provide all shipping details during check out.

        I don’t want to put my name on the card because this is a surprise for a receiver

        You may not mention your name, in our experience it almost always ends up being very confusing for the recipient.

        I received an arrangement but don't know who it is from. Who is the sender?

        Great question! We have the answers!

        We find that folk occasionally omit or forget the card message as part of the checkout process. We are happy to tell you who sent you the arrangement so they can be thanked accordingly.