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        Floretta Flower Studio & Crafts

        COVID-19 Safety Plan

        During these challenging times keeping our customers safe is undoubtedly one of our main priorities. We are committed to promoting a safe environment for our business’ operation. 

        In order to facilitate safe environment for our clients we have made the following changes in our operations

        • All customers are required to wear a face mask when entering our store
        • Maximum number of customers allowed inside the store at any given moment is 2
        • All customers are required to keep a minimum distance of 2m from any other person present in the store
        • Store layout has been changed to further separate client and work areas to maximize the distance between employees and customers
        • Sanitizers and cleaners are available to our customers upon entry
        • We offer customers an option to wear freely provided unopened face masks in case they do not have their own
        • The store is regularly cleaned and sanitized paying particular attention to areas that clients often touch - such as door handles, sitting areas, and payment terminals
        • All our deliveries are contactless and employees performing deliveries always wear face masks and gloves
        • All our employees are expected to follow rigorous hygiene standards and wash and sanitize hands at regular intervals throughout the day
        • We have enabled extra options for payments where clients are able to make purchases online and pick up products at our store
        • All employees regularly monitor their health state and are not allowed to come to work in case of flu or COVID like symptoms

        If you have any questions, please contact us by writing us an email at info@floretta.ca or reaching us by phone at 604-380-4242.

        Stay safe,

        Floretta team